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Euro Trip 2011

Here we go!

The big day is fast approaching. Most of our arrangements have been made. Packing has started and we set off for Harwich on Saturday. We stay overnight in Colchester and then catch the 10.00 Ferry for the Hook of Holland. Our first few nights in Holland will be in Amsterdam were we have booked a hotel. We will then be camping for several days as we work our way northwards to Denmark.

Bring it on!

Love to all

Frank and Christine

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here's the first leg

We have mapped the Scandinavian leg and here it is

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Christine Retires!

It was Christines last day at work today!

She has not stopped smiling!

We have a full day tomorrow packing up and closing down the house and then we are off.


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On the Ferry


We have just boarded the Stena Line Ferry at Harwich and will soon be leaving for the Hook of Holland. We booked a seat in Stenaplus and we are in a very nice hospitality room with complimentary drinks and snacks! This will do very nicely for the voyage. Christine has taken her Sturgeron and is hoping for a very calm crossing. Side effects include making her drowsy so I will probably not hear much from her once we get under way! tonight we are booked in to hotel in Amsterdam and we are looking forward to seeing the city tomorrow.

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Impressions of Holland Germany and Demark

Hi everyone

Sorry we have been silent for a few days but we have been having fun and out of contact with wifi.

Here's a quick update. We really liked the Netherlands. Very green with lots of wind turbines as well as old windmills and of course everyone cycles which is amazing. We had booked our hotel in advance in Amsterdam so we just put in the zip code and it all seemed very easy. As we pulled up to the hotel we were bit disappointed because it looked very seedy. When I got to the front door infact it was no longer a hotel but was a student hostel! fortunately for us there was a new hotel just round the corner and the details were obviously not yet registered with our sat nav!

Amsterdam was great and we could have stay longer but we moved on to Germany and I will let Christine do the update from now. Just before I sign off I have to say that I have renamed Christine as the Techno Queen. she is brilliant at data roaming, ipad and just about anything that doesn't at first seem to work. She has not been beaten yet.


After Amsterdam we drove up through Germany and set up camp for the first time - within 2 hours we were cooking our first dinner on avery warm sunny evening. But we woke up to a thunderstorm and had to leave a bit later than planned. On then to Denmark camping near Arhus. We hired bikes yesterdayaand they were huge great sit up and beg machines. Very comfortable but I did struggle with the fixed wheel.

Will top up this entry with photos and more detail but the iPad battery is almost out and we've left the iPad plug at home so can only charge it in the car. Failure of the techno queen!

Luv C

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Pics from Holland, Germany and Denmark






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More pics

Sent from my HTC
2 on the canals in Amsterdam
1 on a German campsite
1 on a Danish campsite overlooking the Kittegat (sea)

F & C





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Reflections on the first week

Highs funnies and lows

15 °C

Yes it really is only a week since we set off but we already seem to be settling in to life on the road and it feels like we have been away longer. We have been to 3 countries and two capital cities. We are currently sitting in a bar on the 12th floor of our hotel enjoying a nightcap and the sunset over Copenhagen. It's been wet and cold today so we feel justified in taking break from camping!

Highs so far-

Van Gogh Art Gallery in Amsterdam and walking back to our hotel along the canal side on a warm sunny evening

The friendliness of Netherlanders apart from one incident ... See funnies below!

Getting the tent up for the first time without falling out over how best to do it.

The superb quality of the campsites, especially the heated washrooms which are a real winner for Christine.

Seeing the remains of a Danish 'Bog man' (1000 years old) in remarkable condition with stubble on his chin!

Cycling through the forest near the Arhus campsite

Funnies so far-

The only unfriendly encounter in Amsterdam was at the exit barrier in Central Station with a guard, which was not surprising since we had somehow bought a mainline train ticket and found our way on to the underground and could not work out why the ticket would not let us through the barrier.

Frank tripping over the entrance to the tent 95% of the times he goes in or out! And hitting his head on the lantern about 80% of the times he stands up!

Lows so far-

Waking up to a thunderstorm in Germany when we had to pack up the tent!

Christine revisiting a not very good moussaka 1:00 am - just made it out of the tent in time

Christine (again) spilling a freshly made mug of tea on her foot - injury not too bad made it to the nearest puddle to cool things down

Being amazed at a multiple storey cycle park at Amsterdam mainline station...where else but Holland....they leave us standing!

Driving down several pedestrianised shopping streets in Germany with German shoppers looking on in amazement

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