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It's supposed to be summer!


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What's left of the glacier at Grossglockner


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Marmot on the Mountain


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Cinque Terre - Liguria, Italy


As some may have noticed we have been able to send a few more photos of our time in Lienz, Austria and Venice. We are now staying on a campsite, at a small town called Levanto, with an excellent wifi network. The location is very remote and mountainous so it's ironic that we now have the best strength signal since we have been in Italy.

We are planning to spend 5 days here and do some walking along the coastal paths that link the 5 towns - hence "Cinque Terre". The weather is warm and sunny at the moment but there does seem to be the chance of thunder storms and we are hoping that we do not get caught out when walking.

The Cinque Terre is a national park on the north west coast of Italy. The area is not accessible by road but there is a rail line that links the 5 towns. Each of the towns is also a port so there is access by boat as well. The network of footpaths is supposed to provide some of the most beautiful natural scenery and our plan is to take 2 days to complete the route with an overnight stop in a guest house at one of the towns and then a return trip by rail. One section of the route is frequently closed due to the unstable nature of the cliffs and Christine is rather pleased to find that this section is closed at present! There are plenty of alternative routes inland to get around this particular hazard so no problem there. (Christine says - or you can take the train!)


So today was our first full day here in Levanto and after yesterday's lightly overcast skies today has been hot and sunny. We walked into the town from the campsite - its a bustling seaside place and even though it is Sunday there was plenty going on. We stopped for lunch in a restaurant between the main square and the beach and had a very fishy Italian style lunch. Firstly we shared a plate of fresh anchovies in lemon juice and then had a seafood risotto. This had as far as we could tell five different fish/shellfish mixed into the tomato/risotto sauce - clams, mussels, calamari, squid, winkles. It was delicious! That was more than enough for me but Frank's favourite dessert was on the menu (panna cotta) with wild strawberries so he enjoyed that also (Frank says Christine also tucked in to the panna cotta!). We haven't done much since lunchtime! Except that Frank has been busy planning our walking expedition for tomorrow/Tuesday which I am anticipating with a certain amount of trepidation - we'll let you know how it goes.

Love F and C

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Christine on the quay at San Marco


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Verona - at the opera


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On the Tragghetti


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Juliet's balcony


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Wonderful ham shop!


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