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The third leg - Southern Europe 21.11.2011
The second leg - Central Europe 21.11.2011
The first leg - Scandinavia 21.11.2011
Louise Bourgeois' Mamon at the Guggenheim Museum 03.08.2011
Louise Bourgeois' Mamon at the Guggenheim Museum 03.08.2011
Flowery dog and the Guggenheim Museum 03.08.2011
Christine taken aback by the Guggenheim 03.08.2011
FandC The Final Blog 02.08.2011
The view from Vic Sau 01.08.2011
Parador Cardona - the second stop 01.08.2011
Parador Alconiz - the third stop 01.08.2011
The Navarre Royal Palace at Olite 01.08.2011
Parador Argomaniz - the fifth and final stop 01.08.2011
Parador Olite - the fourth stop 01.08.2011
Parador Vic Sau - first stop 01.08.2011
Paradors in Spain 01.08.2011
Gaudi's Casa Batilo 28.07.2011
The nativity entrance to Segrada Familia 28.07.2011
The Ramblas in full swing 28.07.2011
Christina Barcelona 28.07.2011
Not sure what I'm about to eat! 28.07.2011
Christine on a fabulous art nouveau bench cum street light c 28.07.2011
Last Tango in Barcelona? 28.07.2011
Gaudi's Casa Mila or La Pedrera 28.07.2011
Stained Glass at Segrada Familia 28.07.2011
Miro's whacky sculpture 28.07.2011
Christine on rooftop of La Pedrera 28.07.2011
Interior of Segrada Familia 28.07.2011
The entrance to Gaudi's Park Guell 28.07.2011
Market stall near the Ramblas 28.07.2011
Barcelona - Day 2 27.07.2011
Barcelona - A knockout city 27.07.2011
Lol, Kathy and Christine in Place de Comedie.. no comment 24.07.2011
The Citadel at Carcassonne 24.07.2011
Lauren loves the sand 24.07.2011
Frank and Duncs try to bury Lauren in sand 24.07.2011
Cool baby cool! 24.07.2011
Lauren's cheeky grin 24.07.2011
Lauren on the carousel with Duncs 24.07.2011
Frank and Christine at Montpellier 24.07.2011
Lol and Kathy at Montpellier 24.07.2011
Food and wine in Montpellier 24.07.2011
Christine and Kathy - what no wine! 24.07.2011
Duncs and Lauren build an arch 24.07.2011
Lauren and Julia build a sandcastle 24.07.2011
This won't keep me quiet for long! 24.07.2011
Lauren on the march! 23.07.2011
Lauren choosing the best stone 23.07.2011
Lauren - where did you get that hat! 23.07.2011
Christine and Julia 23.07.2011
Lauren 23.07.2011
Barcelona or Bust! 23.07.2011
Christine Laurence Kathy and the Cevenne 23.07.2011
Sunflowers and Pic St Loup 23.07.2011
The pretty square at St Guilhem le Desert 23.07.2011
Laurence squats by the stream 23.07.2011
By the pool at the gite 23.07.2011
Sly kiss at St Martin de Londre! 23.07.2011
Saints, Surprises and Sunshine 22.07.2011
Christine and Lauren sur la plage 17.07.2011
Lauren buried in the sand! 17.07.2011
Lauren takes her first dip in the Med 17.07.2011
Lauren Duncs and Julia sur la plage 17.07.2011
Sunny St Gely ... and Lauren! 17.07.2011
The pool at the gite 11.07.2011
Slowing the pace in Montpellier 11.07.2011
Aix en Provence, a lovely city 07.07.2011
A break in the shade 05.07.2011
Frank and Christine! 05.07.2011
Lovers' trysts on the Via dell' Amore 05.07.2011
Vernazza from above 05.07.2011
Vernazza - overnight stop 05.07.2011
On our way to Monterosso 05.07.2011
How we got on in Cinque Terre 05.07.2011
Wonderful ham shop! 03.07.2011
Juliet's balcony 03.07.2011
On the Tragghetti 03.07.2011
Verona - at the opera 03.07.2011
Christine on the quay at San Marco 03.07.2011
Cinque Terre - Liguria, Italy 03.07.2011
Marmot on the Mountain 03.07.2011
What's left of the glacier at Grossglockner 03.07.2011
It's supposed to be summer! 03.07.2011
It's too cold for shorts! 02.07.2011
Eagle in the Alps! 02.07.2011
What do you expect me to do with this? 02.07.2011
Venice 01.07.2011
Verona - Opera at the Arena 01.07.2011
Venice - sublime despite the throng of tourists 29.06.2011
The Dolomites - Bellissimo 26.06.2011
The most innovative approach to camping that we've seen yet! 26.06.2011
Frank finally tracks down the propane gas cylinder 26.06.2011
Snow in June at Grossglockner 25.06.2011
Cloud mist and rain on the Dolomites 24.06.2011
Another soaking! 23.06.2011
On the tower in Innsbruck Old Town 20.06.2011
A view of the mountain tops we were about to visit by cable 20.06.2011
The Goldenes Dachl or Golden roof which is a main tourist si 20.06.2011
The funicular rail station terminal building 20.06.2011
Mountains over Innsbruck 20.06.2011
The view from the top of Hafelekarspitze 20.06.2011
Another view from the top 20.06.2011
Looking down over Innsbruck 20.06.2011
The last shot from the top in sunshine this time! 20.06.2011
As the crow flies! 20.06.2011
Tea and Sacher Torte - very nice 20.06.2011
Part of the funicular rail station 20.06.2011
Rooftop view over Innsbruck 20.06.2011
A good day in Innsbruck 20.06.2011
Ian and Kelly at the Jewish Memorial in Berlin 20.06.2011
Rothenburg ob die Tauber 20.06.2011
Short back and sides but no quiff! 20.06.2011
More Rothenburg 20.06.2011
King Ludwigs Fairy Tale Castle at Schwangau 20.06.2011
The Brandenburg Gate at night 20.06.2011
Frank and Kelly 20.06.2011
Christine getting impatient with the photographer 19.06.2011
Three likely suspects! 19.06.2011
Cutesy Bavaria - Schwabisch Hall 19.06.2011
Prost! 19.06.2011
More Cutesy Bavaria 19.06.2011
FandC at the Jewish Memorial in Berlin 19.06.2011
Christine and Ian in Berlin 19.06.2011
Innsbruck - A few days of not camping in the rain 19.06.2011
Short Back and Sides Mein Herr 19.06.2011
On the Road Again 13.06.2011
Ich bin ein Berliner! 13.06.2011
A clue to the identities of the guest bloggers! 11.06.2011
Guest Bloggers expected soon! 11.06.2011
Thunder in the Baltics! 09.06.2011
Riga pics 04.06.2011
More relections on Stockholm, Estonia and Latvia 04.06.2011
Last day in Stockholm and then Estonia 03.06.2011
Across the Baltic - Estonia and Latvia 03.06.2011
Stockholm pics 29.05.2011
Stockholm 29.05.2011
Skuleberget climb and start of Stockholm 27.05.2011
And then on to Stockholm 26.05.2011
Cabin tent and bears 24.05.2011
Hoga Kusten (High Coast) Sweden 24.05.2011
Back to Sweden! 20.05.2011
Less than 24 hours in Norway 20.05.2011
Gothenburg foodie city 18.05.2011
Gothenburg, Sweden 17.05.2011
More Copenhagen photos 15.05.2011
Copenhagen 15.05.2011
Reflections on the first week 14.05.2011
More pics 14.05.2011
Pics from Holland, Germany and Denmark 14.05.2011
Impressions of Holland Germany and Demark 13.05.2011
Pics 08.05.2011
On the Ferry 08.05.2011
Christine Retires! 05.05.2011
here's the first leg 05.05.2011
Euro Trip 2011 04.05.2011